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Professional Cleaning Tips

Not many of us like cleaning, in fact most of us find every excuse available to avoid cleaning.

Cleaning does not have to be tiresome or a drag, just follow these super easy cleaning tips from the cleaning professionals and you will master the art of effective, speedy and quality cleaning.

Create a cleaning schedule
Take a tip from the best cleaning companies and schedule when cleaning needs to be done and what needs to be cleaned. Professional cleaners will have a plan and schedule of all the cleaning work that needs to be done on a daily basis. This ensures that the cleaning gets completed. So create your own cleaning schedule to keep your environment spotless.

Free Download: Office Cleaning Checklist

Most of us clean when we have a spare moment. So we end up trying to do all our cleaning jobs in our work clothes, pyjamas or other inappropriate clothes. Wearing comfortable clothes, cleaning gloves, goggles (when using strong chemicals) and comfy shoes can make a huge difference when cleaning around your office or home.

A professional cleaning company will use a different method for carpet cleaning depending on the material. The way you clean silk is very different to cleaning a grease stain out of a synthetic carpet. Each type of cleaning requires a specific cleaning method. By using the correct cleaning method (and material) you can save time and effort.

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Tools and Cleaning Material
Ever notice how clean most offices are? Well that’s because the cleaning company looking after the office has the correct cleaning equipment and material at their disposal. If you are going to do your own cleaning it is advisable to invest in quality, well-made cleaning equipment, such as mops, buckets and clothes. The correct cleaning tools will help make cleaning speedy and effortless.

cleaning equipment


Get you cleaning supplies organised. You can save tons of time and effort if you know where everything is. Create a space to hang your equipment such as brooms, mops and dustpan. Always keep cordless equipment fully charged and make sure your chemicals are clearly marked. Just look at professional cleaners they have all their cleaning tools at an arms length in a well organised cleaning trolley.

There you have it. Some of the best cleaning tips from the professionals in the cleaning business. Happy Cleaning.

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